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Executive Buying

Welcome to Executive Buying adds value by tracking when insiders (CEO, President, Executive VP...etc.) at a public company buys their own company's stock. We only highlight successful insiders. We have seen that following executives that have great track records give our subscribers an undeniable edge.


The National Bureau Of Economic Research in conjunction with Harvard University has concluded in a 20 year, 58 page, study that following insider purchases outperformed the overall markets by 47%. Please see the link to the study below:

Executive Buying goes one step further and highlights only the executives that have been proven over time to be profitable. We provide our subscribers with the best tools and information.



ON October 31st, 2012 Director Thomas Pinnau purchased over $85,000 worth of BBW at $3.70. Within 6 months the stock was up to $5.40 an outstanding return of 45.9%. Not only did the Director Pinnau keep his gains but he was so confident he bought 9,000 more shares at $6.22 on June 14, 2013. His first purchase is higher by 99.7% in less than a year and his second purchase is higher by 18.8% in less than 3 Months!!

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